Restaurants in Bonnieux and Area

Le Fournil in Bonnieux, Provence Luberon Le Fournil in Bonnieux

The Le Fournil in Bonnieux is located right in the middle of the centre. A beautiful design on the terrace as well as interior. The house is decorated by the famous artist JR. Small and often changing menu - all fresh and tasty. Really delicious.



5 Place Carnot


Tel: +33(0)4 90 75 83 62

Distance: 2,8km (1,7 Miles) Walk

La Bergerie in Maubec, Provence La Bergerie in Maubec

La Bergerie - relaxed and easy atmosphere in this Italian restaurant in Maubec. The owner is the Chef!



75 Chemin du Puits de Grandaou


Tel: +33(0)4 90 76 83 95

Distance: 19km (11 Miles) by car


Das Restaurant "Le Garage" in Lumieres - Vacances Provence Bonnieux Le Garage

The "Le Garage" in Lumières offers one of the most beautiful outdoor areas in the region. Although the interior design is also very art-orientated. A unique menu list and a good choice of cocktails. Cheers.



99 Rue de Lumières

84220 Goult (Lumières)

Tel.: +33(0)4 32 50 29 32

Distance: 11km (6 Miles) by car

Restaurant Auberge des Carrières in Les Taillades Auberge des Carrières

Auberge des Carrières - a joyful stay in this lovely and cosy atmosphere. Regional food and a very good wine list. The hosts are a Belgian couple with love to serving very good food.


Avenue du Château
Les Taillades

Tel: +33(0)4 32 50 19 97

Distance: 26km (16 Miles) by car

Das Restaurant "Aux Fines Herbes" in Goult, in der Nähe von Bonniuex  - Genuss-Ferien in Frankreich Aux Fines Herbes

The restaurant "Aux Fines Herbes" is a small and almost hidden place in the centre of Goult. A very fresh and unique menu with good wine list from regional vineyards. Really nice after a long day in the sun. No mainstream - individual cooking.


Rue de la République
84220 Goult
Tel.: +33(0)4 32 50 23 54
Distance: 9km (5 Miles) by car



Ciel Du Luberon

Vacances Provence


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